Q. What does FAQs mean?

A. FAQs stands for "Frequently Asked Questions"

Q. What programs do you recommend for mapping and skinning?

A. For map building, I recommend QuArK: Quake Army Knife because it is easy to use and gets the job done. You do, of course, still need the SoF SDK. For Skinning, I recommend Gimp and the m32ToolBeta2 (m32Build for textures that are transparent) for texture developement and any text editor for editing the gpm and rmf files. Also, The Skinlab Beginner's Guide is helpful. For Pak file creation, I recommend QPed.

Q. How can I become a Death Trapper?

A. Go to the "Join Us" page!

Q. ¥ Ú ß 4$$h0|3 47 m3??!!!11one1!????

A. Because you are a retarded baiseur, please excuse my French. And learn to speak 1337, not 1Ð107.

Q. What does SoF mean?

A. Leave and never return!

Q. Why have you placed an age limit on the Death Trap Clan membership?

A. Several, mostly irritating, reasons. First, this game (Soldier of Fortune) is rated "M" for Mature. That's 17+ years of age! I find that I must do the job of kids' parents and game retailers by dissuading the use of this game by children. Unfortunately, Game Retailers and PARENTS are extremely lazy (and, in my opinion, F***ing Stupid!) when it comes to keeping such material from children. Second, I'm tired of baby sitting prepubescent teens whose mouths are more foul than my G** Damned Motherf***ing mouth! These kids have no respect for others and lack the maturity necessary to interact successfully with the world around them. There are other reasons, but those are the most relevant.

Q. Is it really the Game Developers' fault that today's children are so violent?

A. Hell no! It's not even their responsibility! Incompetent parents and politicians are just looking for scapegoats on which to pin the blame which belongs solely to the parents. Let's face it, parenting in the United States is greatly lacking!