---Death Trap Rules and Philosophy---
  1. No cheating or hacking. If you are unable to play this game without the aid of aimbot, a speed hack, a wall hack or whatever other cheat device is out there, then you should consider sticking to reading books and playing board games.
  2. Map running, strafing, same building kills and camping are all encouraged. These are all valid tactics in virtual warfare. Remember, it's kill or be killed.
  3. No bitching about someone using the previously mentioned tactics. Adapt and destroy.
  4. If someone is dumb enough to bring a knife to a gunfight, riddle them with holes.
  5. Anyone is a target, makes no difference where they are. But do show some consideration to those who may be chatting.
  6. Oh, before I forget. Don't be an ASSHOLE!!! Assholes and cheaters will be kicked, possibly banned.
  7. Play to have fun. It's just a damned game!
  8. And what is up with all these .cfg files that clans use. I mean, I understand if you have an old, crappy computer, but to dull down the visual detail when your computer exceeds the game specs just robs from the experience.
  9. If you wish to use or modify any of my maps for your own server or any other purpose, go ahead. I don't mind what is done with my maps, I only make them for my own amusement anyway.