--Current {DT} Tournament Champion--

--Previous {DT} Tournament Champions--

{DT}LaZy-FuCk: The First {DT} Champion!
--About {DT} Tournaments--

The {DT} Tournaments consist of two parts, the Tournament and the Challenge.

The Tournament:

The Tournament has up to twelve (12) players and two (2) spectators. The previous Champion and I spectate as the twelve (12) players battle it out in the Death Trap. The players battle through five (5) predetermined maps. These maps range from the smallest maps to the largest snipe maps. Each round is fifteen (15) minutes in length. At the end of each map, players are awarded Challenge Points based on their rank and how many players there are.

First Place 3 points
Second Place 2 points
Third place 1 point
OR if there are six players
First Place 6 points
Second Place 5 points
Third Place 4 points
Fourth Place 3 points
Fifth Place 2 points
Sixth Place 1 point

The player with the most Challenge Points at the end of the five (5) rounds is the Tournament Winner and is then able to move on to the Challenge.

The Challenge:

After the Tournament, we have the Challenge. The Tournament Winner duels the previous Champion. The defending Champ decides the first map of three (3). The winner of each round decides the next map in the Challenge. The Tournament Winner and the previous Champ duel while the other tournament players spectate. To win, you must win two (2) of the three (3) rounds. If the same player wins the first two (2) rounds, there is NO third round. Any tied rounds are not counted. The winner of the Challenge is the new Champion.

Once the new Champion has been declared, there will be a screenshot taken of the new Champion standing over his opponent's dead body. This picture will then be posted on the {DT} site's home page, announcing to the world the new {DT} Tournament Champion.


The {DT} Tournament Rules are simple. The usual {DT} Rules Apply. Do whatever it takes to kill and survive! Just remember.......NO CHEATING!!! Oh, and if you register to play, you will be forced to play. Likewise, if you register to spectate, you will be forced to spectate.

How to Join The Carnage:

Register in the Tournament Announcement Thread. Tournaments will be announced at least one week in advance in a forum thread named with the tournament's expected date range. You can register as a player or as a spectator. If twelve (12) or more players register, there will be no extra spectators, only the default two (2). If there are fewer than twelve (12) players, the extra player slots will be filled by those who register to spectate.

Remember, players have priority over spectators. Also, it is "First come, first serve!" So, if you're number thirteen (13) to register to play, better luck next time!

The day before the tournament, the previous Champion and the accepted players/spectators will be sent an email containing the necessary password to join the game. Yes, it will be password-protected! This will prevent unregistered players from interrupting the tournament.

Other Important Information:

There are a few little details I should note:

  1. Only registered members of the Death Trap forums will be able to join the Tournaments. You don't have to be a Death Trapper, just be a registered forum user.
  2. It is recommended that tournament participants have all of the {DT} maps before the tournament begins. The {DT} map pack can be found for download on this page. We will NOT wait for players to load!
  3. Should there be any tournament-specific rules or configuration issues that may not be normal for {DT}, it will be covered in that tournament's announcement thread.
  4. We have players from all over the world in SoF. With that in mind, I am posting a link to a World Time Zone map. The posted times will be -5 GMT.