---Welcome to the Death Trap!---

We are the Death Trappers, a gaming clan specializing in the chaotic chaos that is the FPS Death Match. Our goal is simple: To have FUN! Though we play primarily DM, we do enjoy other modes of gameplay. We are also happy to set up duels and clan matches when the opportunity arises. Should you decide to join us in our servers or in our forums, we look forward to a good game.

Though this site is dedicated to {DT} in Soldier of Fortune, we do play other games. You will find us in games like Black Hawk Down and Call of Duty. You may even find us in various RPGs. You never know where you may encounter a Trapper of Death.

Note: Due to clan inactivity, any clan-related information on this site is now just for archival, reference purposes. Captain Morgan does still haunt the site on occasion, so if you need him for anything, just shoot him an email or post in the forums.

--Current {DT} Server Stats--

--Current {DT} Tournament Champion--

{DT} The Death Trappers: A Clan {DT}

A friend and I got really bored and decided to make a clan for Soldier of Fortune. So, I now announce that June 29, 2005 marks the founding of SoF Clan {DT}, the Death Trappers. I even went through the hassle of setting up a crappy forum for anyone interested in joining us. In fact, anyone whose ideals are compatible with our Rules and Philosophy is welcome to join. We play primarily DM and Team DM, but occasionally mess with the other modes of gameplay. Mostly, we just like to kill each other and have fun doing it!

*Important!* Why, Gamespy, Why?!? *Important!*

Holy Crap! Due to the recent unreliable performance of the Gamespy service for SoF, I must urge people to visit this site and use SoFconnect to join the servers whose carnage they so desire to partake on those (unfortunately frequent) occasions when Gamespy craps out. It's quick, simple and more reliable.

*Very Important* New Death Trappers: 17+ years old *Very Important*

Because American Parents don't know how to do their job and game retailers don't check ID for mature rated games (lazy, worthless F***s!), I am now forced to do their jobs. From 8/7/2005 on, it will be required for all new applicants to the Death Trappers Clan to be 17 years old or older! We will no longer accept people who are 16 or younger! We are here to play and have fun, not act as free baby sitters to disrespectful little twats! The age requirement has been lifted.

{DT} Original Site Welcome {DT}

I finally got tired of the slow in-game download driving people away, what few remain loyal to SoF anyway. So I packed up my Death Trap files for quicker download and installation. The DeathTrap.zip file contains a .pak file that holds all my Death Trap Maps and the Death Trappers Team. To install, just unzip and place the DeathTrap.pak file into your Soldier of Fortune /base folder where pak0.pak is located. Then play the game. I would prefer people left because the maps suck instead of never even trying them...............