---How to Become a Death Trapper!---

Notice: The following is only still here for archival purposes.

These are the things to do if you wish to join the Death Trappers:

  1. Become familiar with the contents of this site. Read the "Death Trap Rules and Philosophy" and the other Death Trap related information. Also, realize that anyone in the Death Trap server with the {DTB} tag is a BOT! {DTB}=Death Trap Bots.
  2. If you agree with everything so far, visit the Death Trap Resource Forums and read the contents of the "Welcome to the Death Trap Resource Forums!" forum.
  3. If you still agree with what you have seen, become a member of the forums and post in the "Become a Death Trapper" forum. Be sure to read the "READ ME FIRST!" thread for instructions on what we need you to post. Don't worry, it's pretty simple.
  4. As soon as we are able, {DT}GrimReaper or myself (Captain Morgan) will contact you using the email or IM you provided during forum registration. Depending upon the quality of your post, we will most likely set up a time to play with you in the Death Trap server. We will then decide if you can join. We don't judge on player ability. We base our decision on your personality. If you are fun to play with and you are NOT an asshole, we will most likely let you in. REMEMBER: Cheating and hacking are not allowed in the Death Trap servers and any Death Trapper found to be cheating in any sever (whether it be Death Trap or not) will be kicked from the clan and the forums.
  5. Should you be added to the Death Trapper ranks, your {DT} alias will be added to the site's Members list and you will be given the rank of "Death Trapper" in the forums.
  6. And now, the most important thing, once you are a member of the Death Trappers clan, you MUST play for FUN! Remember that SoF is just a game. We run into major ASSHOLES all the time. Death Trappers must try not to be the assholes.
  7. As of August 7, 2005, it is required that new members be 17 years of age or older. 16 and younger will no longer be accepted! I hate having to do the job of parents who suck!
    The age requirement has been done away with.
  8. Starting December 24, 2005: New members will be subject to a one month probationary period before becoming full members of the Death Trappers Clan! During this probationary period, the new recruit will wear the {dt} tag. At the end of the probationary period, a vote will be taken on whether the recruit should be granted full membership. If the recruit is voted in as a Full member, they will then be allowed to wear the {DT} tag and have full member privileges in the server and forums.

Thank you for your time,
Captain Morgan